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Spring 2013


Lecture Title Speaker Day Time  Location
The Prototype Wave Equation (1-D) Jerry Harris April 3rd 11:00-12am MB 372

Oscillatory Waves: Dispersion, Phase & Group Velocities

Jerry Harris

April 10th 11:00-12am       MB 372

Wave Equations for Acoustics, Electromagnetics, & Elasticity

Jerry Harris

April 17th 11:00-12am MB 372

Attenuation Effects

 Jerry Harris April 24th 11:00-12am MB 372

More Wave Equations (2-D & 3-D)

Jerry Harris May 1st 10:00-11am MB 372
Transmissions & Reflections at Plane Interfaces Jerry Harris May 8th 10:00-11am MB 372
Perturbation Methods (High & Low Frequencies)  Jerry Harris May 22nd 10:00-11am MB 372
Born & Rytov Scattering Approximations Jerry Harris May 29th 10:00-11am MB 372