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STP Vol.7 - 1996 Annual Report- Vol.7 Number 1 -July 1996 (22MB pdf)

STP Vol.7 - 1996 Annual Report- Vol.7 Number 1 -July 1996 (22MB pdf)


Reservoirs, Rocks and Fluids

Paper A - Mo, Le-Wei, "Migration of the King Mountain data set". (800KB pdf)

Paper B - Smalley, N., "The MRGP offset VSPs". (980KB pdf)

Paper C - Harris, J.M., Yin, F., and Quan, Y., "Enhanced oil recovery monitoring: an application of attenuation tomography". (752KB pdf)

Paper D - Quan, Y., and Yang, A., "Multi-resolution shaping filters with application to geostatics". (1004KB pdf)

Paper E - Castellani, R., "A proposal for integrated resevoir characterization". (276KB pdf)

Paper F - Harris, J.M, "Differential acoustical ressonance spectroscope". (824KB pdf)

Forward Modeling

Paper G - Mo, Le-Wei, "Calculation of direct arrival traveltimes:by the eikonal equation". (1.1MB pdf)

Paper H - Mo, Lei-We, "3-D finite-difference acoustic wave equation modeling". (1.2MB pdf)

Paper I - Quan, Y. and Harris, J. "A numerical study of single borehole profiling". (784KB pdf)

Paper J - Zhang, Z., Quan, Y., Chen, X., and Harris, H. "KOND algorithm for numerical simulation of 3-C seismograms in heterogeneous media". (952KB pdf)

Paper K - Zhang, Z., Quan, Y. Chen, X., and Harris, J. "FBI for field continuity at interior interfaces for waves in heterogeneous media". (1012KB pdf)

Paper L - Chen, X. "Seismic wave propagation and attenuation in heterogeneous porous media". (1.1MB pdf)

Imaging and Inversion

Paper M - Costa, J., Harris, J., and Schaack, M. "2.9-D Crosswell traveltime tomography". (1.5MB pdf)

Paper N - Costa, J. "Wavefronts in non-weak ansiotropic media". (480KB pdf)

Paper O - Schaack, M. " XSP-CDP mapping in complex media without raytracing". (5.2MB pdf)

Paper P - Wang, G., Harris, J., and Costa, J. "Estimation of statistical properties in random media using diffrection tomography". (1.3MB pdf)

Paper Q - Wang, G. "Reconstruction using renormalization". (904KB pdf)

Paper R - Wang, G. "Reconstruction using wave asymptotics". (1.2MB pdf)

Paper S - Smalley, N. "Analysis and comparison of the CLP and CDP reflection imaging methods". (924KB pdf)

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