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STP Volume 4 - 1993 Annual Report - Volume 4 No.1 - May 1993 (29.4MB pdf)


Velocity and Attenuation Tomography

Paper A - Michelena, R.., "Elastic constants of transversely isotropic media from constrained aperture traveltimes". (1.5MB pdf)

Paper B - Michalena, R., "Tomographic estimation of elastic constants in heterogeneous transversely isotropic media". (1.1MB pdf)

Paper C - Quan, Y., "Seismic attenuation tomography based on centroid frequency shift". (700KB pdf)

Paper D - Quand, Y., "Attenuation estimation from full waveform sonic logs using short-time Fourier transform". (936 KB pdf)

Paper E - Harris, J., "Lattice parametrization for tomography". (496KB pdf)

Reflection Imaging

Paper F - Schaack, M., "An approach to interval velocity analysis for crosswell reflection imaging using reflection traveltimes". (1.9MB pdf)

Paper G - Smalley, N., "Crosswell reflection velocity analysis".(4.5 MB pdf)

Paper H - Smalley, N., "Real data examples of crosswell CLP orthogonal refllection gathers". (1MB pdf)

Paper I - Lazaratos, S., "Analysis of the VSP-CDP mapping algorithm". (3.2MB pdf)


Paper J - Mo, L,. and Harris, J., "Why we use presatck reverse-time migration". (536KB pdf)

Paper K - Mo, L., and Harris, J., "Migration of crosswell seismic data:Synthetic acoustic case". (1.4 MB pdf)

Paper L - Mo, L., and Harris, J., "Migration of crosswell seismic data: Field data case". (2.2MB pdf)

Scattering and Diffraction Inversion

Paper M - Harris, J., and Wang, G., "Diffraction tomography for inhomogeneities in a layered backgroud medium (cont.)". (1.0 KB pdf)

Paper N - Wang, G., "Diffraction tomography ina dispersive and attenuative medium". (1MB pdf)

Paper O - Wang, G., "Diffraction tomography in variable background medium". (780KB pf)

Paper P - Harris, J., "Diffracted projections in geotomography". (688KB pdf)

Paper PB - Harris, J. "Spatial bandwith limitations of seismic geotomography". (1.4MB pdf)

TIMS Update

Paper Q - Lambert, C., "STP software update". (788KB pdf)

Special Studies

Paper R - Noles-Hoeksema, R. "Core analysis of West Texas shallow-self carbonates: Reservoir characterization and CO2 monitoring". (3.6MB pdf)

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