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STP Volume 5 -1994 Annual Report - Volume 5 No.1 - June 1994 (14.5MB)

STP Volume 5 -1994 Annual Report - Volume 5 No.1 - June 1994 (14.5MB)


Transmission and Reflection Tomography

Paper A - Schaack, M., "Integrated croswell imaging: Reflection tomography-synthetic examples". (1.1MB pdf)

Paper B - Quan, Y., "Seismic attenuation tomography using the frequency shift method: pratical considerations and applications". (272KB pdf)

Paper C - Schaack, M., "Calculating Fresnell zone for croswell tomography". (1MB pdf)

Paper D - Harris, J., "An approach for adaptative gridding for traveltime tomography". (164KB pdf)

Migration and CLP Imaging

Paper E - Smalley, N., "Crosswell commum lateral point reflection imaging". (548KB pdf)

Paper F - Smalley, N., "Crosswell reflection depht and velocity analysis". (332KB pdf)

Paper G - Mo, L., "Analysis and attenuation of tube waves in croswell seismic surveys". (2MB pdf)

Foward Modeling

Paper H - Bacharach, S., "Relationships between material properties and angle-dependent reflectivity". (1.6MB pdf)

Paper I - Wang, G., "The moment method utilizing Green's functions of stratified media: Scattering simulations". (664KB pdf)

Paper J - Wang, Guan., "Reflection imaging using Riccati equations". (500 KB pdf)

Paper K - Mo, L., "Calculation of direct arrival traveltimes by the eikonal equation". (796KB pdf)

Paper L - Quan, Y., "Seismogram synthesis for radially multi-layered media using the generalized R/T coefficients method". (612KB pdf)

Paper M - Quan, Y., "Acoustic attenuation logging using the centroid frequency shift and amplitude ratio methods: A numerical study". (616KB pdf)

Paper N - Quan, Y., "A test on seismic anisotropy and scale effects in finely layered media". (404KB pdf)

Diffraction Tomography and Inversion

Paper O - Mo, L. - "Analysing diffractions and reflections by wave equation modeling". (416KB pdf)

Paper P - Harris, J. and Yin, F. "Nonlinear multi-frequency wave equation inversion". (704KB pdf)

Paper Q - Harris, J., "Tomography and tomographic migration using ray theory". (720KB pdf)

Paper R - Yin, F., "Waveform tomography for two parameters in elastic media". (720KB pdf)

Paper S - Wang, G. "Diffraction tomography using multiscale Fourier transforms". (508KB pdf)

Paper T - Wang, G., "Diffraction tomographic inversion: field data study". (584KB pdf)

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