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Stanford Wave Physics Laboratory (SWPLab)

The Stanford Wave Physics Laboratory (SWPLab) incorporates a variety of research activities on seismic and electromagnetic fields. These activities range from experimental lab and field methods, data processing and inversion, to numerical simulations in complex Earth media. Applications include near subsurface characterization, oil and gas reservoir management, carbon sequestration, and rock and material characterization studies.

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From roots as the Seismic Tomography Project (STP), the Stanford Wave Physics Laboratory was created in 2003 to foster development of geophysical methods for high-resolution characterization of Earth's subsurface. Research in the group builds on a foundation of the physics of wave phenomena. Active projects include true 4-D time-lapse reservoir monitoring, seismic attenuation estimation, acoustical spectroscopy, and numerical simulation of seismic and electromagnetic fields in multi-scale media. The SWP Lab has a history of research collaboration with private industry and government laboratories.