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electromagnetic simulation

Full Wavefield Electromagnetic Simulation (FETD & FEFD)

In addition to seismic modeling, we also developed full wavefield electromagnetic simulation tools that perform Finite Element Time-Domain (FETD) modeling and Finite Element Frequency-Domain (FEFD) modeling. Above is an example of FETD electromagnetic simulation with the SEG salt model.  


Full Wavefield Seismic Simulation

We have developed a suite of seismic simulation programs that include semi-analytic 1-D modeling, 2D/3D finite difference acoustic, elastic, anisotropic, viscoelastic seismic modeling.

DARS II diagram

Differential Acoustic Spectroscopy (DARS)

Acoustical Resonance Spectroscopy (DARS) exploits the low frequency resonance (~1000 Hz) of a fluid column to measure the bulk acoustic properties of a small sample of rock and other material. First, we measure the resonant frequency spectrum of a fluid-filled but otherwise empty cavity.

Joint Inversion Algorithm

Joint Inversion

Joint inversion may reduce the ambiguities in geophysical inversion problems.


Dynamic Seismic Monitoring & Characterization

Dynamic seismic monitoring detects underground changes quasi-continuously.


Dynamic Reservoir Monitoring & Characterization

Geophysical subsurface monitoring has many applications, such as monitoring of CO2 sequestration [1], improved oil recovery [2] and shale gas stimulation. Monitoring of geological CO2 sequestration involves determining the CO2 containment, distribution, and volumetrics.